‘We’re No. 28! And Dropping!’

| October 12, 2020 | Leave a Comment

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Media Type: News / Op - Ed

Date of Publication: September 9

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: New York, N.Y.

Publisher: The New York Times Company

Author(s): Nicholas Kristof

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A measure of social progress finds that the quality of life has dropped in America over the last decade, even as it has risen almost everywhere else.

This should be a wake-up call: New data suggest that the United States is one of just a few countries worldwide that is slipping backward.

The newest Social Progress Index, shared with me before its official release Thursday morning, finds that out of 163 countries assessed worldwide, the United States, Brazil and Hungary are the only ones in which people are worse off than when the index began in 2011. And the declines in Brazil and Hungary were smaller than America’s.

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