Wide-Ranging Discussion with Stuart Scott and Guy Mcpherson

| November 19, 2018 | Leave a Comment


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Media Type: Video

Year of Publication: 2018

Author(s): Stuart Scott, Guy Mcpherson


More on Stuart and Guy’s conversations here. 

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  • New Grammar of Living

    In view of what Guy Mcpherson, few other climate scientists and newgrammaroflife.blogspot.com have been expounding that we are close to extinction (starting with a minimum of 7 years ie 2026 as per McPherson’s forecast), there is indeed an URGENT NEED to prepare humanity for the end of times.

    We need to inculcate the art of dying amongst people (as contrasted to the art of Living). Some evolved societies like the green nation of Bhutan seriously contemplate death 💀 at least more than once a day. We need to educate people through yoga, hypnosis, mysticism, etc on the mortality of our existence and how to exit gracefully from the planet / stage… eastern philosophies and ways of life like Hinduism (Sanatan dharma) and Buddhism are founded upon Maya ie the phenomenal world is an illusion.

    Once the process of the collapse of human civilisation due to irreversible climate change (Climocalypse) starts there will be chaos, war for diminishing food and water supplies and so on. This phase may be spread over maybe few years. Groups like New Grammar of Life and others should take the lead in creating End of Life centres where departing becomes easier and a Joy since humans can achieve / reach a state of nirvana….