The World Economy Is A Pyramid Scheme, Steven Chu Says

| August 25, 2019 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: Apr 5, 2019

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The world economy is based on ever-increasing population, said Nobel laureate Steven Chu, a scheme that economists don’t talk about and that governments won’t face, a scheme that makes sustainability impossible and that is likely to eventually fail.

“The world needs a new model of how to generate a rising standard of living that’s not dependent on a pyramid scheme,” Chu said at the University of Chicago.

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  • Steven Earl Salmony

    Yes, the global political economy is a pyramid scheme, but it could not have ever grown into the “economic colossus” it is today if the size of the human population of Earth had not been allowed to grow exponentially in a seemingly endless way.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Japan and South Korea, among others, seem to be managing the demographic transition that is inevitable, unless we choose death for our offspring through the “diseases of civilization” caused by population density stress and environmental collapse. The MSM in its pathetic myopia is focused on the fires burning in the Amazon, while ignoring the 10 times larger fires in Southern Africa. Our Mad King Donald is a constant MSM distraction from the collapse of our entire economy, or at least that shrinking segment actually producing something of value, and invvestors flee Wall Street. The price of silver has gone up $1. in a week, or 5.5%, as investors flee an inverted yield curve in the bond market and into cash and commodities, except corn and soybeans-the fundamentally necessary commodities to sustain farming in the Midwest.

    The environmental and financial collapse is happening now, along with our failing health, and it’s all due to human over population. Primates, especially when crowded, sort ourselves into dominance hierarchies, which can be described as Ponzi schemes, as this author does. It’s just human nature, but being 3,000 times more numerous as we modern humans are, in comparison to our ancestral clan-living “democratic” hunter-gatherers, is the real problem that is never addressed. We will find a way to embrace Degrowth or perish as a species in a collapsed biosphere. Questions?

    Stress R Us