World pushes ahead with climate action as U.S. remains in limbo

| December 12, 2020 | Leave a Comment

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Date of Publication: November 17

Year of Publication: 2020

Publication City: Arlington, VA

Publisher: Politco

Author(s): Rhyan Heath , Karl Mathiesen , Zack Colman, Kalina Oroschakoff

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The Biden administration will confront new global climate politics while stuck on sidelines of a Dec. 12 global summit.

The United States government will be missing from a global climate summit for the first time next month, and the timing couldn’t be more inconvenient for other world leaders.

They are desperate to commence work with the incoming Biden administration, which is promising the most ambitious climate change policies of any incoming American administration, including a “100 percent clean energy economy” and “net-zero emissions no later than 2050.”

But when dozens of national leaders gather online Dec. 12, at a summit organized by the U.K. government to press ahead with a new and more onerous stage of the Paris climate agreement, the U.S. won’t be at the table: The Trump administration has left the agreement, while President-elect Joe Biden and his transition team can’t attend.

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