Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People

| September 19, 2019 | Leave a Comment


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Media Type: News / Op - Ed

Year of Publication: 2019

Author(s): William Rees

Newspaper: The Tyee

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One thing the climate crisis underscores is that Homo sapiens are not primarily a rational species. When forced to make important decisions, particularly decisions affecting our economic security or socio-political status, primitive instinct and raw emotion tend to take the upper hand.

This is not a good thing if the fate of society is at stake. Take “hope” for example. For good evolutionary reasons, humans naturally tend to be hopeful in times of stress. So gently comforting is this word, that some even endow their daughters with its name. But hope can be enervating, flat out debilitating, when it merges with mere wishful thinking — when we hope, for example, that technology alone can save us from climate change.

As novelist Jonathan Franzen asks: “If your hope for the future depends on a wildly optimistic scenario, what will you do 10 years from now, when the scenario becomes unworkable even in theory?”

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  • Greeley Miklashek

    And, again, nothing about our own individual responsibility to use contraception and limit our family size to one child or no child couplings. Otherwise we get to watch our 230,000 over produced offspring get sick and die from population density stress, as we adults already are: 55% of American adults have one or more chronic health disorders, and 80% of us over 50. The rest of the pie in the sky fantasy is a waste of time. Stress R Us

  • Arnold Byron

    I am glad that news organizations around the world are becoming connected for the purpose of reporting on the climate crisis. I hope these organizations share information and work together. I want all 60 plus of these news organizations to look at an idea that I think will lead to solving the many crises that humanity is facing. I call the idea by the name A Plan for the Nations. It can be found at the following links:

    I will be the first to admit that my Plan for the Nations calls for huge changes. It will require a huge paradigm shift that will affect people worldwide. Our problems are seen to be insurmountable. Countering larger than life threats often requires strong action.

    Let me quickly outline my Plan for the Nations.
    1. Climate crisis is a consequence of global warming which is a consequence of overpopulation.
    2. The problems are global. We need a global office to decide the work that needs to be done and to coordinate that work to its completion.
    3. A global office will be limited to working on issues such as overpopulation, global warming, climate change, atomic energy hazards and plastics hazards.
    4. Each nation will continue its normal governance even as it joins with the other nations in supporting a global office.
    5. There needs to be two global offices: The United Nations and the global office I am proposing.
    6. The United Nations has not been able to be an effective leader in global warming issues. The UN has held climate change accords for the past twenty-five years and has not been able to reduce the parts per million of atmospheric carbon nor has it been able to reduce the population. The UN has the Security Counsel veto which has been used to skew results to favor the richest most powerful nations at the expense of the poor downtrodden nations. However, a supportive UN could make establishing a global office much easier.
    7. The only way a global office can be established is by all of the nations acting together. How can we get the nations to act as one unit? Colleges and universities, worldwide, have the skill sets and are in a position to help the nations join together.
    8. In order to help the nations, the colleges and universities of the world must first join together as an association, so that they can act as one unit.
    9. An association of colleges and universities will have the skill sets to write all of the new constitutions, agreements, bylaws, laws and rules that will be needed to usher in a global office and a new paradigm for the governance of humanity.
    10. Colleges and universities are the repositories of intellect and creativity for humanity. The time has come, in humanities march through time, for the colleges and universities of the world to recognize their responsibility and begin to take action.
    11. A global office would be limited to dealing only with certain problems. The nations could agree to be joined as one unit for the sole purpose of establishing a global office. Let us call this plenary group of nations The Confederation of Nations for the Sole Purpose of Establishing a Global Office that Shall be Limited to Solving Certain Existential Problems.
    12. An association of colleges and universities will provide the spark that will enable the nations to ratify their action of joining a confederation of nations for the purpose of establishing a global office.
    13. Once a global office has been established it will be governed by and advised by the confederation of nations and by the association of colleges and universities through the confederation of nations.
    14. I have laid out my ideas, in the two links that I gave earlier in this comment, of what I think a global office should do.
    15. We do not want a global office to become a global dictatorship. In my description of the global office I have come up with as many fail safe measures as I could think of. There may be lots of other ideas for global office security.
    16. I ask the editors of the Tyee Newsletter to send this comment to the more than 60 news organizations with which it is associated. Time is short and every idea must be considered.