Your Life On Earth

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Our planet has been around for 4.5 billion years. But how has it changed in your lifetime?

Enter your details to find out and start exploring your life on earth.

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  • Ronnie Hawkins

    One thing we could do is stop letting the pronatalists keep calling themselves “Pro-Life.” We you get out of our anthropocentric narrowness and realize that LIFE on Earth includes much MORE than human beings, their position can be seen as the very antithesis of “Pro-Life”! Do any good “liberals” have the courage to say that in the halls of Congress?

  • Greeley Miklashek

    I am an only child born in 1945. When I was 5yo, in 1950, we humans numbered 2.5B, but today we are 7.6B, or more than 3 times as many and way beyond a sustainable number in the tide of rising material expectations worldwide. Most experts put the maximum sustainable number of humans living a modest Western lifestyle at 2.5B. So, what the hell are we to do? Nothing? So, in that case, we can continue to watch ourselves grow ever sicker and watch our offspring perish from our exponentially increasing disease load from our “diseases of civilization”. Or, we can take action in our 11th hour and begin a concerted worldwide depopulation initiative, led by free women, with open access to 16 years of education (not just the current 7 years), with ready access to meaningful work, and ready access to effective, safe, inexpensive birth control. With the resulting one-child families, ever more common in the developed world, we can envision a return to a worldwide human population of the same 2.5B of my youth by 2,100. We can still turn this Titanic around and save humanity and the biosphere, but we must start worldwide and start now. During my 42 year medical practice, I have watched my fellow Americans become sicker every decade, to the point where 1/3 entering college freshmen are now on antidepressants and 1/4 women. Population density stress is killing us now and I have spent a lifetime as a practicing medical scientist trying to understand why these overlapping epidemics were occurring. My findings are presented in a free PDF in the MAHB e-library, “Stress R Us”, if you have the courage and curiosity to read it. Many have already and have found it as eye-opening as sobering. I must admit that I’m thrilled to have lived my life in medical science and be on my way out of this world, as I am very afraid that not enough of you will heed this warning, and what is coming in an ever more overcrowded world, with 220,000 new humans born daily (net), will be hell on earth. Good Luck! Stress R Us