Will humankind survive the century?

| January 10, 2015 | Leave a Comment

globe in grass

Paul Ehrlich discusses the potential for collapse of civilization with Greenhouse host, Tony Dokoupil, on MSNBC’s Shift.


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  • Sadly the perspectives are not too optimistic and I can easily catch how pessimistic is the professor about the future of the Earth. Most of us don’t want to admit it but we are doing our best on a daily basis to ruin the living conditions the planet gave us. This is a subject which interests me a lot and I constantly read different theories most of which sound unreal. Unfortunately there are some real possibilities that may cause mankind to disappear. I think that the limited resources and the threat of a global war are the two main causes that could end the world the way we know it. Sometimes there are even small things that make me thing about our future. For example, we all order different domestic services, but rarely think about the danger chemicals that do harm to environment. That’s why the previous week when I needed painters and decorators services I specifically asked whether they will use environmentally safe products. I know there are not that many companies which are actually concerned about nature and I know this is just a small step and we have to focus on the big picture but still… it’s something I guess.