• Sarah Vann-Sander replied to the topic Developing a Skill in Modulating Awareness in the forum MAHB Members Forum 7 years, 5 months ago

    Hi there,
    I agree with both of your sentiments entirely. In a personal capacity I am very interested in ‘awareness’ in a spiritual sense, neurobiological sense and even the quantum mechanics of it all. But in a […]

    • Sarah, Thank you for the lucid commentary… I think that you point to the heart of the matter and I can’t say that I have an answer for you. We are developing a local group to explore a possible curriculum in developing a skill in modulating awareness but it has been slow going to be honest.

      I tried to present a number of the key elements at and all these based on my direct experience with modulating awareness. It certainly is possible and there are highly worthwhile states of awareness in the consciousness phenomenological state space that are unknown to most humans. I simply haven’t been able to develop an ability to trigger those states in others.

      Your interest in the marine environment, its importance to our human destiny and the damage being done because of dysfunctional human awareness is a worthy cause. I am convinced that the oceans will be dead within a hundred years unless drastic action is taken right now to reverse the trends and yet we have a significant percentage of the population that want to continue down this path and think that environmentalists are fear mongering so they can raise taxes. That sort of ignorance, false belief, and egocentricity often times seems to me like an implacable force of destruction… much like the mining company in the movie “Avatar”… I don’t know how to awaken these sleepwalkers but everyday, I am working to gain insight and trying to connect with others who are also awakened.

      Best of luck in you endeavors… let me know if you come up with anything.