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    Dear Members

    In 2016 UNFCCC/NWP partners Active Remedy Ltd were invited to attend the UNFCCC/NWP meeting on ‘Human Health and Adaptation’ at COP22.

    We focused on the need to give greater attention to adopting an Ecosystem Based Approach for dealing with water scarcity. This was included in the UNFCCC/NWP Synthesis Paper and will hopefully be given due attention at COP23.

    “With regard to strengthening intersectoral action and multilevel governance, the following ideas have emerged: (b) Work with a combination of traditional and indigenous knowledge practices and modern techniques, to establish problem-based solutions focused on reducing water scarcity.” .

    Below is a link to a letter, which we have recently sent them concerning this. Hopefully it will also be of benefit to the aims of your group in activating action regarding Climate along with the Goals and Targets agreed upon by world governments in the document ‘Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’

    Best Wishes
    Stella and Tara