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    Dear Colleagues

    Between 11th and 13th December 2017 Directors of Active Remedy Ltd attended the 5th Global Meeting of Mountain Partnership in Rome. As members of M.P we were able to participate in various discussions concerning mountain regions and offer suggestions on the new M.P Framework for Action.

    Because of the inherent relationship between mountain ecosystems and quantity of fresh water, on 13th December we proposed that M.P joined forces with NWP and “Worked with a combination of traditional and indigenous knowledge practices and modern techniques, to establish problem-based solutions focused on reducing water scarcity.” (NWP Synthesis Paper ‘Health and Adaptation’, 2017)

    We have written a News Page about the meeting and hope that it is of interest to you. It can be found on the Active Remedy Ltd. website at the link below.

    We also wish you a Happy Festive Season and New Year

    Best Wishes
    Stella and Tara