Global work on a basic ethical philosophy for our species

| October 31, 2017 | Leave a Comment


The time has come when it is increasingly necessary for our species to work together on figuring out what we should do, not just about the environment but about all the problems (essentially pain, suffering, disability, and early death, with even a threat to our survival as a species) caused by our non-optimal behavior. But how can we do that, divided up as we are into our naturally and understandably self-interested groups (from families to nations), resulting in almost a paralysis of high-level decision-making in behalf of us all? What we need is a way to work on our ethical principles such that we can see what we are agreeing to and what we are not, so that we can work specifically, intensively, on those areas of disagreement, and also feel more identified with those principles that most all of us agree to. It is easy to use. What is that tool? The Humanian Belief Manual, a part of the Humanianity project. It allows for worldwide participation in the gradual construction of a basic ethical philosophy that we can increasingly agree on, and know that we increasingly agree on it.

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