The Inner Sense of Trees | A children’s book from Active Remedy Ltd.

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Active Remedy Ltd. is a UK-based Not for Profit Company founded in 2005. Active Remedy focuses upon uniting people around the world, to work together to protect the global water cycle, which is presently under threat. Active Remedy particularly focuses on vital link between the present instability in this cycle and the massive deforestation of the primal indigenous mountain forests worldwide.

In their efforts to raise awareness and understanding of the water cycle and get action taken worldwide, Active Remedy co-founder Tara Joy wrote the children’s book The Inner Sense of Trees.

A brief description of The Inner Sense of Trees from

The Inner Sense of Trees is a brightly illustrated epic adventure designed to inspire the reader to consider the true importance of nature. It is set on a little planet that is not so very dissimilar from Earth, although it looks quite different. Upon this planet everything – from the mountains and rivers to the trees and clouds – is alive and full of personality. The Igglings and Bigglings inhabit this world and they are at the heart of this story. They once respected and took care of each other, and were the caretakers of nature. Yet in this story something happens, and the Bigglings become greedy, forget the importance of trees and almost destroy every last one. While all of this is happening the Igglings hide away and go to sleep and only get involved when everything is all but lost. The situation seems irreversible and doomed. Fortunately however, they have the help of two wise old trees that are in fact the last trees standing. These trees unite the Igglings and the Bigglings, who put aside their differences and work together to save their little world. This is not a story of goodies and baddies – it is story of forgetting and remembering. This inspirational story highlights the importance of trees, rivers, mountains and working together for the common good.

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