Join Climate Interactive for World Climate Week: October 9-16

| September 15, 2016 | Leave a Comment

From 9 to 16 October, people from all over the world will come together for World Climate Week to build awareness about climate action. Will you join us?

World Climate Week is aimed at engaging people with World Climate Simulations around the world. These mock-UN climate negotiation events—led by people like you—will be held a month before the actual COP 22 climate talks in Marrakech. This will offer a concrete moment to generate conversations that can be part of the wave of action that encourages climate action.

In the last five months, volunteer World Climate Ambassadors and Facilitators have registered over 50 events reaching over 5,000 participants across the world. World Climate, Climate Interactive’s simulation of the UN Climate talks, is becoming a critical tool for improving understanding and motivating action since the UN climate agreement was signed in Paris last December.

Climate Interactive invites you to become a part of the movement working to increase awareness on the need to understand and urgently take action on climate change.

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Then, here are five things you can do to help build momentum:-

  1. Start planning! Check out all our free resources and materials available on the Climate Interactive website.
  2. Spread the word within your networks and on social media so that Climate Interactive reaches as many people as possible
    1. Tweet @worldclimate with hashtag #worldclimate
    2. Join the Climate Interactive Facebook Group and share your World Climate experiences and moments
  3. Join one of Climate Interactive’s tweetchats happening on the 27th September, 29th September, 3rd October and on the 5th October as the group shares experiences of World Climate and answers questions from facilitators and enthusiasts. Use hashtag #worldclimate
  4. Join an upcoming Webinars (in French and English) to learn and share insights on running World Climate Simulations
  5. Register your upcoming event or tell Climate Interactive how a recent World Climate Simulation went.

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