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You are invited to participate in Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection. The purpose of Love Lives Here: 40 Days of Reconnection is to experience the healing and regenerative force of love in our daily lives by focusing on our relationships with ourselves, each other, the earth and the Sacred in all Life.  The invitation is to come together as a growing community, to restore our connection with the heart of what matters and serve the greater whole.

The event will start May 1st and continue for 40 days, moving through four themes:

  • May 1 – 10:   Reconnect with Self
  • May 11 – 20:   Reconnect with Each Other
  • May 21 – 30:   Reconnect with the Earth
  • May 31 – June 9:  Reconnect with the Sacred within All Life

Participants will receive a daily invitation in their inbox with simple instructions for a live daily practice of resonance and reconnection. The invitation will also include other tips, suggestions and resources. There will be guidance for how to embody, experience, and express more love, while reconnecting with one’s Self, each other, the earth, and the Sacred within all life. You may join anytime during the 40 Days or after. Once registered, you will eventually have access to the entire collection of materials.

Register for Love Lives Here

More information is available through Good of the Whole’s website and in the video below.


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