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On the Need for an Earth Standard Currency

In an age of existential emergency, when the future of human civilization depends on how successfully we manage to overcome the ten global threats which are of our own making and which now confront all of us, it is important for humanity to share a common currency for dealing with them. That is, not simply […]

Cell Phones, Electric Vehicles, and Human Atrocities – A MAHB Dialogue with Holly Dranginis, Senior Legal Analyst – The Sentry

Holly is an attorney with a background in international criminal justice and a Senior Legal Analyst for The Sentry, where she leads their efforts to ensure financial investigations support war crimes prosecutions at international, regional, and domestic levels.  Geoffrey Holland: Can you talk about the work of The Enough Project and its closely associated organization, […]

When the Heroes Win, Everybody Loses

Human overpopulation is real; it’s serious and needs to be humanely handled by conscientious and thoughtful individuals. Thanos from the Avengers movies is neither one of those things. He recognized the problem but acted viciously on his “solution.” He phased out of existence 50% of all intelligent life on the Universe. What Thanos ended up […]

Why Americans are letting the oceans die …and why there is still hope

My facemask flooded with tears.  Before me lay a cemetery of pure white tombstones — formerly colorful coral heads — the pallid remnants of what had been my favorite coral reef in the Bahamas.  It was 1998, then the warmest year on record (presently merely the ninth warmest). The stress of unusually warm seawater had […]

Actions required to stop global collapse

Unique report gives 189 nations’ actions required to stop ‘global collapse’ For 50 years science advice has been to “cut by sometime in the future”, and the cuts never happen; to stop collapse nations must “cut now, increasing with inaction”. The report emphasizes that the objective to “Save the future” is at least 50 years […]

National Happiness as Defining Mantra- A MAHB Dialogue with Author, and Former Environment Secretary of Bhutan, Dr. Uygen Tshewang

 “Achieving happiness requires more than just economic prosperity.  Bhutan’s development policy does not focus on economic prosperity alone but on a holistic development approach for happiness.”  GH: In your new book, Bionomics in the Dragon Kingdom, written with Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison, you write ‘the primary responsibility for any government is to […]

Global Environment Outlook 6

Published in time for the Fourth United Nations Environmental Assembly, UN Environment’s sixth Global Environment Outlook (2019) calls on decision makers to take immediate action to address pressing environmental issues to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as well as other Internationally Agreed Environment Goals, such as the Paris Agreement. UN Environment launched the first Global […]

Why we need to reinvent democracy for the long-term

When politicians fail to look beyond the next election – or even the latest tweet – they are neglecting the rights of future generations, argues public philosopher Roman Krznaric. “The origin of civil government,” wrote David Hume in 1739, is that “men are not able radically to cure, either in themselves or others, that narrowness […]

Why a Virtual Model of an Ideal Sustainable Society?

Despite the invaluable work being done by thousands of environmental activists around the world, the bulk of the world’s population is not aware that humanity is advancing inexorably towards its destruction, either by an environmental collapse generated by the occupation, exhaustion and contamination of the natural spaces and resources, or by wars. Unfortunately, the vast […]

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