Participants from left to right: Kristen Patterson (Population Reference Bureau), Bill Ryerson (Population Media Center), David Johnson (Margaret Pyke Trust, with the Population & Sustainability Network), Henry Pomeroy (CHASE Africa), Vik Mohan (Blue Ventures Conservation), and Lois Quam (Pathfinder International)

How conservation programs can be strengthened by meeting family planning needs

Hirsch, Carina, Johnson, David, Population and Sustainability Network

As part of the global Family Planning Summit held in London on 11th July, the Population & […]

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 “Woods and Trees”

Hirsch, Carina, Johnson, David

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and proposed indicators The recently adopted […]

Young people aged between 10 and 24 now comprise 25% of the total world population, investment in young people’s health, education and rights is necessary for economic development (UNFPA State of World Population 2014 report) | Photo credit CIFOR

Population Dynamics and the Sustainable Development Goals

Hirsch, Carina, Population and Sustainability Network

A new report by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development, and Reproductive Health entitled Population […]