Corn growing along the Kenyan coast of Lake Victoria by Erika Gavenus

Pessimism on the Food Front

Ehrlich, Paul R., Harte, John

Introduction Virtually all trends, biophysical and socioeconomic, suggest that levels of hunger, already high, will only increase […]

Blind Leading Blind by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig | Flickr | | CC BY-ND 2.0


Harte, John

A recent review of the fine new book on extinction (The Annihilation of Nature) by professor Gerardo […]

not yet

Not Yet?

Ehrlich, Paul R., Harte, John

The summer 2014 issue of CALIFORNIA, the magazine of the University of California Alumni Association, was touted […]


If You Think Governments Are Too Large: Shrink Population

Ehrlich, Paul R., Harte, John

Right wingers frequently complain about the growth of government, while remaining enthusiastic proponents of growth elsewhere, especially […]

Climate change myths

One Effect of Climate Change Myths: Solution Denial

Harte, John

In my previous blog, I briefly reviewed the many myths that climate science deniers have propagated over […]

most pernicious climate myth of all

The Most Pernicious Climate Myth of All

Harte, John

Four decades ago, climate deniers spread the myth that there were flaws in the scientific studies showing […]