11th Annual aeqai Fall Benefit and Art Auction

William Davis | September 18, 2018 | Leave a Comment

No Dark in Sight 

Bill Davis

Quality of light affects quality of life. No Dark in Sight conveys how light propels culture. Natural light divides the day but its artificial form interrupts the night. I photograph artificial light because it publicly effects our personal space. Artificial light is artificial intelligence. I’m just not sure if it is wise.

I admire artist using environmental and human conditions to express ideas. Da vinci relied on observation to paint, Michangelo performed autopsies, and Turrell engineered temples to showcase light. Thierry imagines a world of lit cities and dark skies. Not unlike their work, No Dark in Sight expresses human capacity and composure to manage light. When night looks like day, we have a problem. I often photograph sites that meet International Dark Sky Association Bortle Dark- Sky scale ratings as recklessly over lit nighttime space.

Light is a frequency that shapes life- for better or worse. As a visual artist, it feels quite natural to make photographs that tell the story of light. My exhibitions implore viewers to imagine a better ending. Fake light is a real problem.

Project: No Dark in Sight | Title: Site 0340 - Chicago | Bill Davis
Project: No Dark in Sight | Title: Site 0340 – Chicago | Bill Davis


Project: No Dark in Sight  
Title: Site 0340-Chicago
Medium: Archival Inkjet Photo Print
Size: 24 x 15.5 inches
Artist: Bill Davis
Contact: william.davis@wmich.edu (269)-720-9281





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The 11th Annual aeqai Fall Benefit and Art Auction will be held on

Thursday, September 20 from 5:30 pm to 8 pm

at Cincinnati Art Galleries, 225 East Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati.

Cedric Michael Cox, aeqai board president, said, “aeqai is a vital part of the artist community in the city of Cincinnati.  It educates and motivates all people to take a closer look at our diverse arts community and offers insightful reporting on how art shapes our culture on a local and national level.”

The program will consist of a silent auction with art donated by regional artists, light refreshments provided by Silverglades and music.

Proceeds will benefit aeqai, an international online visual arts magazine with readership of 55,000 and 470,000 monthly hits.

Editor Daniel Brown said, “aeqai is now in its eleventh year of operation as a nonprofit journal of the visual arts.  We continue to offer thoughtful, in-depth reviews of exhibitions in the visual arts, both in area nonprofits and commercial spaces.  We are making an increasingly national footprint, with reviews from across the nation and hope to grow both regionally and nationally with ongoing support from our readers and friends.”

“aeqai has been widely acclaimed for excellence in critical thinking and writing.  We hope to continue to be a model of excellence in analyzing and interpreting visual culture in all its complexities,” Brown added.

The planning committee includes board members Daniel Brown, Cedric Michael Cox and Jane Durrell.  Maureen Bloomfield is also a member of the board.

Several hosts and hostesses include Daniel Brown, Price Hill; Cedric Michael Cox, Over-the-Rhine; Philip and Anne Lilly Cone, Hyde Park; John and Celeste Warrington, Hyde Park; Rick Vogel, Hyde Park; Laura A. Hobson, Hyde Park;  Robert and Mardie Off, Indian Hill; Jane Durrell, East Walnut Hills; William Konop, Hyde Park; Phillip and Whitney Long, Indian Hill; Doug and Carrie Van der Zee, Newtown; Will Newman, Hyde Park; David Hausrath, Ft. Thomas; Barry Seibert, Clifton; Polk and Pinky Laffoon, Hyde Park; Jon and Sally Kamholtz, Clifton; Susan Byrnes; Saad Ghosn; Peter Koenig and Lucy Hodgson, Hyde Park; Ron Bates and Randy Lasley, Hyde Park; and David Smith, Over-the-Rhine.

Artists include Cynthia Hoskin, Stacie Seuberling, Frank Satogata, Nancy Nordloh Neville, Bruce Neville, Rhada Chandrashekaran, Saad Ghosn, Dan Newman, Leslie Birckhead, Daniel Brown, Kevin Kelly, Karen McGarry, Kent Krugh, Cedric Michael Cox, Brad Austin Smith, William Davis, Trish Weeks, Pam Kravetz, Jamie Anton, Anne Scott Mair, Frank Herrmann, Bukang Kim, Lynn Rose, Brian Burt, Emil Robinson, Jack Wood, David DeVaul, Cole Carothers, John Kluesener, Leslie Shiels, Lynn Carden, Bonita Williams Goldberg, Mary Woodworth, Shawn Daniel, Rebecca Calderon Pittman and Paula Head.

Cost of the benefit is $50.  Reservations may be made on Eventbrite at the link below.  You can also send a check payable to aeqai, Inc., 810 Matson Place, Unit 1505, Cincinnati, OH  45204 or pay at the door. Patron level is available at $125. Press control and click to use Eventbrite.



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