Can collaboration reduce the Human Predicament? Join us in starting a conversation. 

| June 11, 2020 | Leave a Comment

The MAHB is built on a belief in the power of prosocial civil society to reduce the threats to civilization. From the smallest of creatures to humans we are all threatened by interconnected stressors: consumption, population, increasing inequity, economies dependent on growth, health threats and pandemics, toxins, loss of biodiversity, dangerous leaders, climate disruption, and so forth.

Despite the thousands of NGOs, civil society initiatives, brilliant public intellectuals, we tend to fail to bring our voices and actions together for great impact and shifting the current trajectory. The MAHB believes there is an elusive common ground that is more important than our differences or our unique strategies.

We share a concern for the human predicament, but where is our common ground—where and how can we meet and work together for greater impact? What are the barriers to collaborating and finding our common ground? Is there something beyond petitions with lots of signatures?

I honestly don’t know, but I do have hope.

Join us for the June MAHB conversation June 26th 11:30-12:30 pst  when we hope to (with humility and maybe even some humor) explore whether collaboration is an important goal; and if it is, to understand the barriers to such collaboration and touch upon strategies for building a powerful collaborative initiative within the MAHB. This is an invitation to begin a conversation, it is not intended to be directive, where the conversation leads is open to the group. 

Link to join the zoom here.

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