Conflict, Culture, Technology and Democracy Webinar

Ashok Panikkar | July 14, 2019 | Leave a Comment


The Demo Sapiens Webinar is designed to help participants place the current global crisis of democracy within the larger context of social and political development. Navigating through this (or indeed an ecological, economic or cultural crisis) depends upon our ability to understand how we got here, the multiple forces that in are play (economics, technology, our own physiology and neurology) and what history can teach us about human successes and limitations in addressing complex problems.

There will be 12 sessions of 90 minutes each running twice a month. The webinar will use a combination of visual art, videos, lectures and Q & A. A dedicated platform will allow participants to engage in discussions between sessions and there will be an (optional) field project for those who are interested. For more details please contact


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