GrowthBusters Free Screening | Nov. 23 through Dec. 2

| November 21, 2016 | Leave a Comment

Each year, in response to America’s strange habit of a post-Thanksgiving shopping spree, Dave Gardner holds a free, worldwide screening of the film GrowthBusters.  It’s been their way of pushing back on the overwhelming consumerist pressure in reporting and advertising that accompany that day.

This year, the screening has been expanded and the film will be available for 10 full days from 23 November through 2 December!

From 23 November to 2 December you can stream the film at any time, at no cost. You can watch it on any connected device. You can invite friends over for a viewing party at a day and time that suits you. You can elect your growth-addicted elected officials, journalists, clergy, and college professors to see the film. If you don’t want them in your living room, just share this free screening link and urge them to watch.

You may also want to forward this email or share the link with friends and colleagues who aren’t addicted. Dave has found viewers are frequently relieved to find out they aren’t the only ones who’ve been questioning the sustainability of our worship of growth everlasting. So do pass it on.

Learn more about GrowthBusters and Citizen-Powered Media

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