MAHB Site Roundup!

| July 29, 2016 | Leave a Comment

The MAHB’s July newsletter is out! With updates from the Dancing Star Foundation, the One Health Initiative and much more! We’ve also been adding new and exciting resources to the site, please find some of the highlights below:

Why I Find Feathers Alluring

Economizing on Economics

How Do We Experience Wilderness? The Extraordinary versus Intensity

Sustainability Themes in Fiction Writing: Reaching a wider audience

Deep Eco-Psychology, Non-Violent Activism, and Science

The Madness Of Humanity Part 2: Planetary Predation

Urgently Needed: Experienced and Creative UI Designer for New Activism App

What did we miss? Use the comment section to share some of the news you were following, the resources you used, the events you attended, or the actions you took.

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