MIT Climate CoLab contest Shifting Attitudes and Behaviors

Gaines, Andrew | October 20, 2017 | Leave a Comment

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MAHB member Andrew Gaines submitted an entry to the current MIT Climate CoLab contest Shifting Attitudes and Behaviors. The submission is called Catalyzing systemic change to solve global warming. The key idea is that the millions of groups in the environmental-progressive movement are an underutilized resource in the effort to solve global warming.

The proposal outlines the Great Transition Initiative – a platform supporting volunteer citizen led education to engage mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life-affirming global culture (rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction).

The vision is bold − imagine thousands of groups communicating, not just about climate change, but about the systemic changes needed to deal with the multitude of issues that MAHB is concerned with. Our combined networks, including our personal networks, are huge. We reach into every level of society.

Though the proposal was not selected for the semi-finals, Andrew would be pleased if you would review the proposal, and consider playing a role yourself. You can also explore the semi-finalist proposals and weigh in through voting and commenting.

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