Programme Opportunity for Changemakers

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Join the Basecamp Europe 2021 cohort starting in late September.

This is an opportunity for you to expand knowledge and participate in an international community working to accelerate a sustainable and regenerative future.

What is the Basecamp Programme?

It’s a six-month, fully online learning journey that will equip you with a toolkit of varied systemic methods and approaches for developing and working on complex, real-life sustainability challenges.

As a participant on Basecamp, you will complete this learning journey:

  • Capable of understanding and diagnosing complex systems
  • Equipped with a toolkit of varied systemic methods and approaches for developing and working on multi-stakeholder projects
  • Prepared to make the right choices about where and how to act to create positive change
  • Having tested their learning on complex, real-life sustainability challenges
  • Ready to lead transformational change in their own field
  • Linked to a powerful international network of people and support

If you think this is the programme for you, apply using this exclusive partnership form* and go through the school selection process. If you are one of the finalists, you can get selected for bursaries up to 100% funded by Be The Earth.

You will also find links to all details about the programme, schedule, and costs on the partnership page. Please note the classes will happen in UK time, and your live participation will be required.

*Regular applications are closed, but candidates from our network have until August 23rd to start the application process.

The School

The School of System Change has the ambition to serve as a vehicle for connecting and amplifying spheres of learning and practice in the emerging field of systems change.

They use a methodological framework developed by Anna Birney, Director of the School and author of “Cultivating System Change: A Practitioner’s Companion” (2014), which suggests key capabilities in five core areas for bringing about system change for a sustainable future.

Founded in a core belief of the importance of many ways of knowing, the School invites leading practitioners from across the field to share their methods and practice throughout the course. Follow @ForumForTheFuture on Instagram for more info on them 🙂

We are thrilled to see this partnership combining the diversity of resources and talents in this beautiful network to leverage change. I hope to see some of your faces as in the School of Systems Change amazing course!

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