Project for Public Spaces’ Santa Clara’s Community Engagement Initiative

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Guadalupe Foot Bridge, Santa Clara,
 California by Dipika Bhattacharya | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Last week, Project for Public Spaces (PPS) and Don Weden kicked off the first phase of Santa Clara’s Community Engagement Initiative. Below is a brief summary of the three events, as well as links to the videos. Each were amazing in their own way.

Don Weden continues to inspire us with his ability to share vast amounts of information about the County in ways we can all understand. Fred Kent (PPS) challenges us to be bold and extraordinary. And PPS led the initial visioning session on the BAREC/Win6/agrihood 6-acre site across from Valley Fair.

In a time where many of us are frustrated with the changes in our communities, these presentations inspire us to imagine how change can benefit our overall region. And rather than take a NIMBY approach (not in my backyard), we can instead brainstorm and articulate what we want and need for our future.

Don Weden

Change, Growth & Planning: Envisioning Santa Clara County 3.0

Don Weden, a former Santa Clara County principal planner for 34 years, shares his wisdom and insights in a thought-provoking and entertaining presentation about change, growth, and planning as South Bay residents prepare for Santa Clara County, version 3.0.

Anyone interested in/concerned about development in their community, traffic, growth, etc., this is a must-see presentation.

City of Santa Clara video: YouTube (Weden)
Hosam Talks video (with spot interviews): facebook (Weden)

Fred Kent, President and Founder, Project for Public Spaces

Placemaking – Creating the City of the Future

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) shows how great places are created with the notion that “We have to turn everything upside down to get it right side up. To get from inadequate to extraordinary.” Santa Clara has taken an exciting step in hiring this placemaking team with a focus on people and creating great places across the City. “When you design your community around cars and traffic…you get more cars and traffic. When you design your community around people and places…you get more people and places.” See these messages and more in the video below.

City of Santa Clara video: YouTube (Kent)
Hosam Talks video (with spot interviews): facebook (Kent)

Vision BAREC/Win6 Village

Visioning Workshop – former BAREC site

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) facilitates a hands-on visioning discussion/workshop on the BAREC/Win6 site that The Core Companies will be developing (90 N Winchester Blvd). Many will remember the early Win6 Village discussions.

Philip and Elena focus the group on thinking about what activities and uses should be present on the site (not thinking about buildings, traffic, parking, etc.). They want us to envision what a great public space could look like and create a place for everyone.

City of Santa Clara video: YouTube (Win6)
Hosam Talks video (with spot interviews): facebook – Part 1 (Win6)
Hosam Talks video (with spot interviews): facebook – Part 2 (Win6)

Thank you to all who braved the rain on a Friday night and got up early on Saturday morning to learn, participate, and be inspired. Thank you to the City Council and Staff for whole-heartedly supporting this placemaking effort. I hope we all feel there are incredible opportunities to help shape our communities and build a future filled with great places.

Kirk Vartan
Community Placemaking Advocate

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