Scientist Warning, World Population Day event July 11th

| July 7, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Professor Bill Rees will give the Lead Talk at Scientist Warning’s World Population Day event!

The event will be chaired by SWE MD, Ed Gemmell, and start at 5pm UK time, 9am Pacific coast time and 18.00 hrs Central European time.

The running order will be Prof. Bill Rees (20minute talk) then approx. 10min slots from Dr Phoebe Barnard and Chris Tucker, chair of the American Geographical Society.  Dr Jane O’Sullivan, representing the Overpopulation Project, will summarize its work and then challenge the Ageing Population scare tactics used by many commentators to boost births and immigration to feed growth economics.  She will do a pre-record to overcome time zone problems.  We will follow these talks with two prearranged questions:

  1. What is a “scientifically defensible, sustainable human population size for the long term” as stated in the Second Scientists Warning? How should we get there and when?
  2. Should the UN add a scientifically determined population goal into its SDGs? What should this be?

The Eventbrite link for free tickets is:

We hope you will be able to join us live via ZOOM, but the event will be recorded.

You will be able to watch it later on here :–ZzHHGcqmITWz7Kr-A

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