Scientists Warning Europe Crowdfunder for COP 26 Action

| September 10, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Dear Campaigners against Climate Change,

We have just launched a Crowd-funder campaign to raise over £35,000 for a vital Scientists Warning Europe project for COP26. We want to issue a record-breaking Scientists Warning into Action paper during COP26 which will be signed by more scientists than any other scientific paper ever.  

At the same time we will release an accompanying film created by the director of the latest David Attenborough/Johan Rockstrom film on Netflix, Breaking Boundaries. 

The paper and film will unequivocally tell the leaders and officials at COP26 what needs to be done to keep us safe. Time has completely run out.

Our vision is for every leader and official at COP26 to see our short film on their phone while they are on the way to COP or in the auditorium; and then to be inspired to the enormous and necessary action that is needed to save us.

It would help us hugely if you would be able to donate any amount today through this page:—film-paper

Full information on our project is on the Crowd-funder page entry.

All the best

Ed, Bill, Brian & Will, Directors, Scientists Warning Europe

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