The Age of Energy Disruptions

| December 15, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Announcing the release of an important analysis of the current global energy disruption:

Few have attempted to explain the global energy shock but in the linked paper, Francois-Xavier Chevallerau  does it brilliantly. While some of the components of the paper are familiar, the synthesis and clarity are unique and represent the importance of coherent narratives of our vulnerable interdependent bio-physical and social systems.

Abstract:  In recent months the world has been thrown into a global energy crisis that has taken most observers and global leaders by surprise. Suddenly, gas and electricity prices went through the roof in Europe, China and then India experienced widespread coal shortages and large-scale power blackouts, and fuel prices rapidly spiked across the world. This sudden “energy shock”, as The Economist titled, is bringing back memories of the 1970s. Yet what we are facing today is unlikely to be a repeat of what happened 50 years ago. The world is a very different place now than what it was back then, the causes of our energy crisis are different as well, and so are likely to be its consequences. The competing narratives that currently dominate the conversation about our energy situation however largely fail to account for these causes and consequences. Unable to grasp all the dimensions and the complexity of the crisis, they are blind to the reality of our energy past, present and future. We have entered the age of global energy disruptions, and the “energy transition” that we are inevitably headed for is unlikely to be the one we expect.

Read the article here:

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