Upcoming Conference: Delivering the Human Future- March 20-22

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Delivering the Human Future

A worldwide conference on the compounding threats we face – and the solutions we need.

Igniting global discourse about the survival of civilisation, humanity and our world.

Hosted by:

Council for the Human Future (CHF)Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) & Common Home for Humanity 

Find all the videos from the conference here!


Avoiding a ‘ghastly future’; Healing extinction and ecological breakdown; Solving the looming world water crisis; Global poisoning and its solutions; Preventing world food failures; Heading off Hothouse Earth; Averting nuclear war; Controlling future technologies; Preventing pandemics; Tackling the Population Dilemma; Designing a world economy for human survival.

Leading international speakers including: Prof Paul Ehrlich, Prof Will Steffen, Prof Gerardo Ceballos, Prof Peter Gleick, Leilani Munter, Prof Tilman Ruff, Prof Ravi Naidu,  Jane O’Sullivan, Dr Laurie Laybourne, Julian Cribb. Conference facilitator  Olfa Meliani-Faure.

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Human Future Flyer

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