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Dear MAHB members,

The MAHB community is full of thinkers, doers, activist, artist and more. We are calling on your talents and seeking volunteers for a variety of projects happening at the MAHB.

  1. Website analytics
  • Assist the MAHB in compiling analytic reports from Google analytics and answer questions around the MAHB’s website use

2. Website design 

  • Provide feedback on the website design and member engagement/ outreach strategies
  1. MAHB Newsletters
  • Assist the MAHB in developing newsletters related to member activities, recent news events and other topics related to MAHB’s goals and mission
  • See more about our upcoming newsletter ‘What’s Working’ below 
  1. Debate Graph
  • Assist MAHB in utilizing debate graph to convey ideas and concerns about current global topics
  1. MAHB Library
  • Assist the MAHB in enhancing the resources available in the MAHB library. This may include non-traditional resources such as lectures, podcast, radio broadcast, and videos and more.

We are seeking volunteers for immediate help, projects will begin toward the middle of November and will require around 5 hours/ month of work.

If you’re interested in helping with any of the following project areas or would like more information, please email

Brittany @ brittany@mahbonline.org 


MAHB Newsletters 

The MAHB is planning our next newsletter themed, “What’s Working?” If you have articles, photographic essays, podcast, short videos, art, poetry or prose related to this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The recent UN IPCC report has thrown into sharp relief the enormous challenges humanity faces in reducing the threat of anthropogenic climate change and building the resilience communities will need to thrive.

It might be said “all progress is local.” In the US at least, cities, counties and states are stepping in to fill the gaping leadership vacuum at the national level. Certainly, most members of democratic societies will find it easier to effect change locally speaking to neighbors, friends and more readily accessible local boards and councils, and it’s at the community level where resilience will be most readily felt.

We are interested in stories about ideas that can be replicated and produce tangible results for communities be they political, practical, community building, trimming waste or using it to power houses.National ideas that might get traction at a larger level are most welcome as well of course.

 If you have suggestions for resources or would like to contribute some of your time in helping the MAHB team organize this newsletter, please email Brittany- brittany@mahbonline.org 

Kindly submit your recommendations by November 19th. 

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