Webinar: Large-Scale Social Change- Innovative approaches to affecting social change.

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scrabble webinar

Innovative approaches to affecting social change
Thursday evening
25 February 2021
8-9:30 pm AEDT


The webinar is part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Host Andrew Gaines will introduce what he calls ‘the new paradigm’ – ways of thinking that have the potential to make the environmental-progressive movement orders of magnitude more effective. 

These ways of thinking are well-established in other fields, but rarely used by social activists. It should be interesting!

You can find more information on Andrew Gaines’ work here:

Introducing a new paradigm for social change covers the ground.

Catalysing mass commitment to transformational change will be the topic of another webinar as part of the March 4 Climate Coaching Alliance 24 Hour Conversation.

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