Weekly News Update October 31st

Jonathan Staufer | October 31, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Roads are a tear in the fabric of life, but if we’re going to have cars, they should be electric. Tesla reported a 3rd quarter profit having finally managed to get their production line rolling. The Tesla Model 3 has now become one of the best selling sedans in America.

General Motors – yes, the same GM that killed their groundbreaking electric car – is lobbying the Trump Administration to expand a California program to put millions of electric vehicles on the road.

A reminder as to why cars – including electric and self driving – won’t get us out of sprawl or traffic congestion appeared in the New York Times on Sunday. Interestingly, a piece regarding Fiji’s war on climate change appeared in the Travel section of the same newspaper.

The BBC offered up Bologna’s solution to traffic congestion and encouraging pedestrians, bikes and public transit in its “Wold Hacks” section. It is simple and easily replicable.

At the rate we’re going, we might need to start thinking about boats rather than cars. Venice suffered its worst flooding in over a decade. Hurricane Willa struck the Baja Peninsula, proceeded northeast, causing rivers near Austin, Texas to overflow and a boil water order to be put in place for the city. In the Carolinas, the storm added more water to areas still soaked from Hurricane Florence and then turned North to become the first Nor’Easter of the season.

The financial toll of climate-change related disasters, is growing exponentially and it is already damaging America’s democracy.

Frequently considered a fragile democracy, Pakistan has the political will to fight climate change, pledging to plant 10 billion trees.

Planting trees is a good idea. They keep our homes cool and clean our air, and frequently help feed our villages.  Now you can help to plant trees with your online searches. Ecosia is a public benefit corporation based in Berlin that uses advertising revenues to plant trees. With tree planting projects around the world, they recently offered coal giant RWE 1 million euros to buy the threatened Hambach Forest.

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