Weekly News Update November 14th

Jonathan Staufer | November 14, 2018 | Leave a Comment


Bill McKibben wrote perhaps the best summary of high and low points of the American midterm elections for climate activism, a mission that grows more urgent daily as the effects anthropogenic climate change manifest.

As Mckibben points out, the oil industry spent millions to defeat a carbon tax in Washington. The campaign for mandatory setbacks for drilling platforms in Colorado was outspent 40-1 by the oil industry.

It is interesting to look at the renewable energy standards measures in Arizona and Nevada. The renewable standard passed in Nevada, which is so Republican that one constituency elected a dead pimp over a Democrat to the State Assembly. A similar renewable measure died at the hands of utility companies in neighboring Arizona.

Perhaps if they have to spend more money defending themselves in environmental lawsuits from States Attorneys General, the oil industry will have less to spend interfering with the democratic process, posits the Huffington Post.

With the market-based approach of carbon reduction formerly favored by conservatives defeated, meteorologist Eric Holthouse wrote that its clear that bipartisan efforts on climate change are over. Instead, he calls for bold action and visionary policies on the part of Democrats, now in majority in the House.

Wired Magazine discussed how nice it will be to have some people who actually believe in science on the House science committees, a counterweight to the Trump Administration’s unprecedented interference in science.

A study done earlier this year in Colorado shows that the more distant a government body is from voters, the more likely they are to have less faith in it.

Learning, quickly, from successes and failures at the ballot box, as well as finding non-political and community-based solutions, will be the subject of our upcoming newsletter. 

We look forward to hearing from you if you have suggestions for the ‘What’s Working’ newsletter or other resources for the MAHB Library.

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  • pradeepdas@hotmail.com

    Unless all of us eschew use of fossil fuel…the fossil fuel oligarchs, car industry behemoths, real estate sector, consumer goods and malls will have us in their vice like capitalistic grip…IPCC report gives us another 12 years…the fast deteriorating climate situation with multiple extreme events across the globe during past 5 years or so are just toned down trailer of full blown climocalypse which will unleash itself simultaneously across multi theatres throughout the world by 2040 or so…

    The options before us extremely limited. No soft landing solutions…either we stop all carbon emissions say by end of 2020 and face a searing economic collapse or we have to face a dystopian future by 2040s…virtual walking dead zombies…some light on these thrown in blogs in newgrammaroflife.blogspot.com.. or we can can find ourselves in some hybrid stage of the spectrum between these two extremes…

    All these effete bipartisan politicalese will not help…no one is really serious about a back to nature solution which is the best case scenario now..nothing short of full scale revolution will help. This can only come by if humanity is pushed to the brink …close to the edge…