Weekly News Update November 21st

Jonathan Staufer | November 21, 2018 | Leave a Comment


Climate change activists have our messaging all wrong, according to the BBC. As much as people respond to cute critters, they do not see the connection between the anthropogenic climate change leading to the extinction of the polar bear and the fact that it is leading to the extinction of humankind.

The fact of humanity’s extinction is not lost on Extinction Rebellion, who took to the streets of London on Saturday and seized all five bridges across the Thames.

There is new leadership emerging on the climate change issue in the US. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez joined demonstrators in Washington, DC calling on Nancy Pelosi to get behind a “green new deal” for America. She also called on Pelosi to give more power to the select committee on climate change that Democrats say will be reinstated when they assume leadership of the House in January. Senator Bernie Sanders announced he is holding a National Climate Town Hall meeting on December 3.

The fossil fuel industry’s agenda is running into other obstacles. A judge ordered an environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline, dealing a potentially fatal blow to the project. As much as industry wonks might like to grouse that economics played a bigger role than the lawsuit, three cheers to Indigenous Environmental Network and their allies for tying the project up until it was no longer viable.

Meanwhile, climate change itself is making it more difficult to extract fossil fuels.

The Trump Administration actually managed to appoint someone who views climate change as an immediate threat to head the National Park Service.

Trump himself visited California over the weekend and, standing in the remains of a town devastated by a wildfire made worse by the effects of climate change, blamed bad forest management.  He said forest managers should rake the forest… as they do in Finland.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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