World Anthropocene Manifesto : Call for Short Videos

Ecole Urbaine de Lyon | December 1, 2020 | Leave a Comment

World Anthropocene Manisfesto

From criticism to proposal “Witness, protest, propose, give voice”. An open letter and a worldwide invitation. For a manifesto with human and non-human values.
We have entered the Anthropocene. We are Anthropocene. We are the earthly community. We are living at the same time climate change, ocean acidification, sea-level rise, species extinction, pandemics, famines, soil pollution, the fires spread, migrations, floods, droughts, generalized urbanization, social inequalities. The list is infinite. We no longer control our effects. Everything around us is shifting. And whether we like it or not, we are newly exploring our own lives and environments.

From our close environments, our daily practices, our lives, what do we want to express? What is offending our moral conscience and our sense of justice? What makes us angry or happy? What are our ideas and intentions to change the situation? Do we feel like Earthlings?

Let us speak up, give our word, and engage in dialogues. It’s time to let people know what matters to us: music, bodies, individual, collective, waste, senses, desires, tales, plants, fjords, viruses, animals, stones, ghosts… We all have creative leads, ideas, objects, actions. Alone, they seem anecdotal, but together they articulate feed and spread.

World Anthropocene Manisfesto

Johann Rivat
Le bleu du ciel#2

To form the basis of a living commitment of all ages. To initiate a world conversation. To mobilize a network and feed the collective imagination. To question the possible. To lay the foundations for a horizontal manifesto that brings together local words. To testify for future generations.

From now on, send a video of 3 minutes maximum in the form of a speech, a sensitive reading, a simple image, from your territory and beyond.

Publish and submit your videos before December 31, 2020 to participate in the first World Anthropocene Manifesto, online in January 29, 2021, where all videos will form a collective work in motion.

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