World Vasectomy Day 2020

| November 15, 2020 | Leave a Comment

World Vasectomy Day wants to highlight one of the many ways that the act of getting a vasectomy is not only an act of love for yourself, your partner, and your family, but is also an act of love for our future. Actively family planning helps maintain a sustainable population not only in your own household, but across our planet.

In this vein, the goal of the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) is to create a platform to help global civil society address the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being; one of which is the pressure from increasing population. The act of getting a vasectomy can help maintain a healthy population, especially when enough men make the decision to do so once their family is complete, or whenever they feel that it is right for them.

World Vasectomy Day has helped give families access to these services around the world, from Mexico and Columbia, all the way to Rwanda. During these unprecedented times, we are focusing on our home in the U.S. Together, we can all help the MAHB’s mission of addressing the human predicament by having these discussions and making a plan with your family.

This year, World Vasectomy Day is from now until November 20th, and they are working with doctors across the U.S. from Seattle to Tampa. Check out their website,, for more information about how you can participate in this global act of love.

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