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      The Law Project

      On January 18, 2018, The Law Project’s U.S. foreign policy reform, judicial accountability, and human rights campaign known as Opt IN USA released its latest report titled JUDICIAL IMPUNITY: A Likely Inadvertent but Deadly Failure of American Democracy. The 2017/2018 winter report concludes as follows:

      Princeton University professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University professor Benjamin I. Page ‘believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.’ If this is in fact political reality in America, then it greatly protects U.S. legal system corruption according to the prestigious anti-corruption coalition, Transparency International:

      All these are prerequisites for an environment promoting access to justice: the capacity of (usually) disadvantaged groups of citizens to gain access to courts (or alternative resolution mechanisms) by removing various institutional as well as corruption related barriers within the legal system.

      Opt IN USA’s predecessor, sister organizations, and allies have been directly attesting to the lack of that capacity since 2010 ─ first, in a Joint Stakeholders’ Universal Periodic Review Submission regarding the United States; second, upon formally identifying The Third Degree (TTD) as a source of persecution and psychological torture; and third, through the overriding message of Opt IN USA’s 2016 report. (footnotes omitted).

      Key phrases of this conclusion suggest the foregoing report would interest audiences concerned about democracy, U.S. legal system corruption, justice in America, disadvantaged citizen groups, and access to U.S. courts. Anyone who does not consider himself or herself particularly impacted by these considerations may not notice, let alone focus on The Law Project’s node or forum on MAHB. However, the sustainability of mankind and earth’s biosphere at least arguably hinges on justice within the meaning of our world’s most widely conceived notion of fairness. Hence the importance of identifying and redressing, and when appropriate, dispelling alleged structural defects in America’s legal system that leave it an all too handy tool of injustice.

      The Law Project is committing its node and forum on MAHB to confirming the link between justice in America and the sustainability of mankind and earth’s biosphere; identifying structural defects in America’s legal system that leave it an all too handy tool of injustice; and proposing how best to eliminate and otherwise redress those defects. Kindly join us 🙂

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