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      ridone malik

      Where the earth stood, where the sky is upheld. The proverb means that in everyday life we ​​have to respect or obey the customs in which we live.

      However, more broadly we must also respect the environment in which we live. Not only the house and the environment, but the Earth that really became our place of foothold all this time.

      Earth is the only planet that proves to be inhabitable by humans. God is also preparing tv online all the natural wealth that humans need for the sake of life.

      However, apparently the Earth that we stand today is very old. Based on the radiometric dating of meteroit, the age of the only planet inhabited by humans has been more than 4.54 billion years.

      Unfortunately, when stepping on that age, it turns out the Earth is more miserable. The dense forests are becoming increasingly scarce, the mound of ice in the polar regions continues to melt, until even warmer temperatures are the result of various environmental degradation. The causes, such as environmental pollution, land degradation, to excessive use of energy that makes the Earth more ill.

      This is the time to start alert. If it continues, it is not impossible that future generations will face enormous environmental threats. Water is increasingly scarce and the animals are certain to be extinct. Of course we do not want that to happen, right?

      Welcoming Earth Day on the upcoming 22nd of April, a diverse community of young people began to host environmental awareness events. From planting 1,000 trees, plastic bag diets, Earth Hour, and more.

      Communication & Advocacy Director of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nyoman Iswarayoga said, Indonesia is a country that is endowed with extraordinary natural wealth. Precisely because of that, the environmental problems of this country also varied. “If we talk about urban areas, for example, in Jakarta we often talk about congestion, it will cause pollution, including climate change as one of the causes,” he said.

      Nyoman added, the problem of flood is also not free from population density, urban layout, and the population. Plus, the obligation of 30 percent of green open space is still far to be met.

      In spite of all the difficulties that exist, healthier spaces should be available. “There is a deeper issue of clean water, for example, the water in Jakarta will be less so that we have to rely on PDAMs, but until when our groundwater has been absorbed for decades,” he said.

      Nyoman further revealed, the increase of buildings, residences of residents, and the construction of flyovers to make a lot of trees in Jakarta began to disappear. In fact, the tree serves as an absorber of carbon dioxide.

      If a lot of trees, global warming and climate change do not happen quickly. Conversely, arid conditions make the climate change rapidly. Global warming is inevitable.

      Simple actions

      For Nyoman all of these worrying environmental problems can actually be avoided by performing a variety of simple actions. “Let’s start doing from ourselves, for example, like I might bring my own bottle so I do not need plastic bottles anymore,” he said.

      Nyoman admitted happy because the last few years the awareness of young people to the environment is increasing. “Seen from many young people make green festivals and many green communities are also growing and initiated by young friends,” he said.

      According to him, the concern of such young people is one hope. He believes, in 10-15 years later, they will sit in the policymaking chair.

      Nyoman hopes the green activities undertaken by young people are not just limited to the current euphoria or follow the trend.

      He wants all young people who later work professionally to keep in mind the principles on the environment that must be maintained when doing business, research, and other activities. That way, the environment is not easily damaged.

      Not only that, Nyoman mention, cycling and walking are also able to maintain the environment for not using a smoky vehicle. Reduce the usage of paper we can do to keep the environment because the paper is made from trees in dozens of forests in Sumatra.

      He added that Sumatra’s forests are also home to tigers, elephants and orangutans. So if the forest is damaged, various natural resources will be disturbed.

      “The natural resources we have there are missing, some are extinct, and some are threatened with extinction, it’s a sign that our Earth is not getting healthy,” he said.

      For those of you who still maintain the attitude of destroying the Earth, such as littering waste until wasteful electricity, it’s time to open the eyes. Just start from actions that are real and small, such as reducing plastic waste and not littering.

      That action will be able to save our beloved Earth. Ti

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      Oh wow what a story really inspiring to read and Goosebumps while reading about the earth importance your write up made my day i want to download some books about the earth and read in my AMAZON Kindle

      You Made My Day @ridone malik with your post Thanks


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