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      Michael Bishop

      I just joined MAHB to explore the activities and knowledge being shared through the group. Though it seems that like many other well intended online groups I have joined over the past 20 years of a similar nature it has many members but limited engagement. Did I join the MAHB site at the end of its life cycle or did it not catch on?

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      MAHB Admin

      @Michael Bishop, Welcome to the MAHB! We are looking forward to having you involved. Since its inception the MAHB has worked to find, and adapted to fill, a niche where it could have the highest impact. The MAHB Community is still quite active, and currently uses this website to highlight the efforts of its members (groups and individuals), share diverse perspectives, and connect civil society with leading scientific research. Much of the content and discussion occurs through the blog series, which you can explore here. We welcome your contribution to the series. If there are specific issues you are interested in, I am happy to help you connect with resources and other community members.

      Some examples of our current work include providing guidance for the Great Transition Initiative, co-sponsoring GrowthBusters’ webinar series, and compiling an annotated bibliography of resources regarding alternatives to the pro-growth economy. Later this year, we hope to launch a major initiative involving members who are concerned about over-population and our dependence on growth. We trust that the initiative will raise critical, and at times contentious, issues that we hope will generate more activity on forum. Thank you again for your interest in the MAHB, we are looking forward to having you as part of the community.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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