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    Population scientists do not insist that the following facts of nature are taught in every school in the world. Why?

    1) How many babies we average determines the child mortality rate. Given enough time, the child mortality rate will be (x-2)/x where is is the number of children we average. If we average too many babies, we kill children.

    2) When a population is at the limit, births are arriving too fast such that children die as a consequence. We don’t know this, so adult life expectancy is pointlessly sacrificed for no change in the child mortality rate. Infanticide is morally superior to averaging too many children.

    3) Today the world population is at the limit. The evidence of this is groups and countries that have horrible child mortality rates and low adult life expectancy.

    4) Today we do not know how to keep our current population alive without consuming resources faster than they renew. This means we have built up a huge potential for premature death. Therefore, we must average less than 2 until we are capable of keeping our numbers alive without requiring non-renewables.

    5) If your descendants average more than 2 children, they will overpopulate the planet. Thus if you have more than 2, your descendants must have less than to to balance your extras. This is another way of saying that you must teach your offspring to limit the number of children they create.

    6) If we all limited our births to one, the human population would attempt to rise for several years before finally decreasing. TwoFourEight means no more than 2 children, 4 grandchildren for your parents, and 8 great grandchildren for your grandparents. If everyone limited the number of children they create to this today, our population numbers would decrease immediately.

    7) If we all flawlessly ensured that we do not create a baby if we would be unable to keep that child alive until it is an adult, we would not cause death by creating babies. However, if those that can afford to have children average too many, they force poverty on others proportional to how many babies they average. That poverty is so severe the ones suffering it know they cannot keep a child alive. Given the number of childhood starvation deaths world wide each year, humans routinely fail at even this utterly horrible algorithm.

    Population scientists definition and use of the concept of “replacement rate” does not factor out deaths caused by too many births, they have no concept of being at the limit where child mortality is caused by births, and they fail to comprehend that their definition of overpopulation is the situation where the numbers are larger than can be kept alive without consuming resources faster than they renew. These facts show us that population scientists don’t understand the fundamentals of reproduction in finite environments, and that explains why the concepts listed above are not taught.

    How do we teach the scientists?

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