Participate in Inspiring Transition

Participate in Inspiring Transition


Accelerating the Great Transition highlights the ways that we can all contribute to an audacious but necessary goal: changing the direction of society as a whole so that we become ecologically sustainable and socially healthy –a life-sustaining society!

This intention is neither hubris nor ego, but simply the need of our time.

The changes needed for things to have a hope of coming right are so profound that we speak of whole system change to a life-sustaining future.

The initiative is championed by Inspiring Transition. Inspiring Transition has been set up to enable us to greatly amplify our collective influence, with the view that the key to success is mobilizing thoughtful, passionate, mainstream commitment to doing everything required to turn things around.

Inspiring Transition is an open community of practice comprised of people united by a shared desire that we transition from sure ecological self-destruction to a life-sustaining future. Inspiring Transition has a set of innovative communication tools to help people grasp the systemic nature of the required changes, to help people connect-the-dots and think for themselves.

Accelerating the Great Transition outlines a simple communication strategy that many organizations can adapt without it taking an inordinate amount of their time. It shows a way that collectively we can all become more effective.

If you are interested in taking part and learning more, check out the additional information below:

  • Understanding Whole System Change: an exploration of the operating principles of a life-sustaining society, and presentation of a simple diagram that highlights the major factors that drive global warming.