What is the MAHB?

What is the MAHB?


What is the MAHB?

The goal of the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) is to create a platform to help global civil society address the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being: climate disruption, loss of biodiversity (and thus ecosystem services), land-use change and resulting degradation, global toxification, ocean acidification, decay of the epidemiological environment, an economic system based on growth, pressure from increasing population, and resource wars (which could go nuclear). The manifestation of these interactions is often referred to as “the human predicament.”


The MAHB Mission 

Foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on how interconnected  biogeophysical and socio-economic systems contribute to, and are affected by, the existential threats facing humanity and, the threat of collapse as a result of the manifestations of the human predicament 

Develop and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards practices that promote a future in which people can live peaceful and productive lives.


The MAHB offers six unique tools to civil society concerned with the major threats to humanity: 

  1. An Alliance of individuals and organizations concerned about the existential threats to civilization
  2. Vision of a world moving rapidly towards sustainability in 2050. The snapshot of the future is being designed to inspire and unite the diverse MAHB membership; it will provide a shared purpose that is exciting and inspiring—working towards core goals rather than against current injustice and destructive behaviors.
  3. Scholars working across disciplines to build the knowledge that is necessary for civil society and governments to act in ways that will have the highest positive impact quickly. 
  4. Resources: The MAHB website aspires to become the “go to” place for the best literature, multi-media materials, analysis, movies, and editorials on the interconnected issues threatening humanity and it’s life support systems.
  5. Activities: The MAHB website catalogs and makes available ideas for high impact action for those Nodes and Associates seeking additional ideas. Nodes and Associates post their activities, accomplishments, and strategies for shifting human behavior in ways that support a sustainable and equitable future.
  6. Urgency: If we are to reverse the degradation of the systems that support civilization, we need to act now. The MAHB aspires to make available the tools necessary for fostering a contagion, a passion for action.