Democracy Now | Climate Study: By 2085 All U.S. Cities Except San Francisco Will Be Too Hot to Host Summer Olympics

| August 25, 2016 | Leave a Comment

Women's Marathon 2012 Olympics by Aurelien Guichard | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0With projected changes in temperature, humidity, heat radiation, and wind, by 2085 London will be among 33 cities with low-risk (less than 10%) of having to cancel the marathon event due to unsafe racing conditions.

How will projected changes in climate affect our ability to safely work outside?

UC Berkeley Professor of Global Environmental Health Kirk Smith discusses his recent article The last Summer Olympics? Climate change, health, and work outdoors on Democracy Now. The full transcript is available here.

The article is coauthored by Alistair Woodward, Bruno Lemke, Matthias Otto, Cindy J. Chang, Anna A. Mance, John Balmes, and Tord Kjellstrom and was published in The Lancet. You can find the article through the MAHB Library.

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