Farming in the UK

| June 7, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Every day farms around the country are working hard to yield the produce we all take for granted. The Guide to Farming in the UK is a fascinating insight into the sheer scale of the production, with the numbers updated in real time.

Take a look at each section of the UK and see how much money is generated from crops in that regional area. Then watch as the numbers rise telling us how many litres of milk are being delivered or how many eggs have been laid, the numbers are staggering.

When you consider another fact provided by this guide that over 70% of the land in the UK is used for agriculture, maybe the scale of the production isn’t quite so surprising. The monetary figures demonstrate how valuable farming is to the UK economy and the production statistics give us a glimpse into just how busy farms are up and down the country. Did you realise nearly 300,000 people are working the land every day and at times when we are still tucked up in bed? This is something we are all grateful for when we pour the milk for our first cup of tea of the day.

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