Weekly Roundup October 29th-November 6th

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Trout  Lake, Chugach National Forest, Alaska | Photo by Erika Gavenus

The MAHB Community has been very active this week! Please find below some of the recent additions to the MAHB site:

John Hodlren shares a talk on the history of climate science and reports to policy-makers, providing a strong statement to the place climate science has had in policy matters.

We revisit an op-ed from Victor Galaz that the fragmented social sciences are not positioned to take on complex and interconnect global risks. What do you think? Could the social sciences be more united? How? Would that make them more effective?

In this week’s post to the MAHB BlogGraham H. Pyke introduces us to Australia’s “Lock The Gate” Movement that is fighting to keep mining companies out.

MAHB Node Active Remedy Ltd. has released a strategy document for integrating the SDGswith a focus on the fresh water crisis.

Dancing Star Foundation President Michael Charles Tobias gave the keynote address at the Plenary Session of the 4th International Scientific Congress –“Globalistics – 2015”– in Moscow, Russia on October 26th. Held during the week of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations Tobias discussed Ecological Challenges in a Global Context. The full text is available in the MAHB Library!

What did we miss? Use the comment section to share some of the news you were following this week, the resources you used, the events you attended, or the actions you took.

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