“BioLists”. How to grow grass-roots conservation.

| February 22, 2019 | Leave a Comment


Aiming for environmental recovery, society everywhere needs to reconnect with Nature as our ultimate mentor and teacher. But HOW? The BioLists System is a novel standardized version of classical Linnaean taxonomy. It’s designed for anyone and everyone to use, if only for spell-checking and finding species’ relationships. Its format as a neutral, multi-functional online tool, will readily serve species-level ecology and thus global conservation. Already significantly usable, it is set to contain the classified scientific names of all described biodiversity species and their vernacular names in many languages and dialects. Using names is very ‘human’. In this way, BioLists is predisposed to help natural history go viral which will enable people everywhere to more easily remember, record, manage, analyze, interpret and communicate information from Nature. Our civilization’s survival urgently needs this observational natural history (along with its uplifting distractions from failing human enterprises) to become a dominant science in support of grass-roots conservation without which the newly awakened Mass Extinction will become unstoppable. Let’s try winning with Natural History.

Contact Cedric Woods (drcedric@gmail.com) if you are interested in learning more about BioLists!

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