Recognizing the unique capacity for the arts to connect with the emotional side of personal decisions and behaviors, the MAHB Arts Community provides space and support for the sharing and reflection of artistic processes and products that consciously promote the changes needed for realizing a more sustainable and equitable future.

Explore articles about artists who have a vision about the poly-crisis we are in, how they cope with it, how they face the truth, and how they envision a desirable future.

What’s Next for Earth is a participative art project that invites the community to respond to a monthly or bi-monthly topic and call for submissions, reflecting on the human predicament. Art is featured on Instagram. Online exhibitions are on view here and on What’s Next for Earth website. Starting in January 2021, the art calls are based on the Think Resilience Course by the Post Carbon Institute.

The Covid-19 Diaries Series features artists sharing their thoughts and artwork inspired by the disruption caused by Covid and the unusual time in which we are living.

The Environmental Impact series displays work from artists who seek to heighten public awareness of environmental issues and the consequences of human action and inaction.