Pentad Perambulations: Learning the Near Particularities of a Place with Sylvia Holland

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Join our Artists and Creatives Group on the Deep Transformation Network for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore subtle ecosystem patterns and intimately connect with nature through Sylvia Holland’s poetic prose and stunning visuals. You’ll delve into the essence of each pentad, discovering intricate connections between flora, fauna, and the changing seasons.

This event follows Sylvia’s recent publication on the MAHB Art Page in the Art in the Anthropocene section.


Deep Transformation Network Event

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to embark on a poetic exploration of subtle ecosystem patterns and intimate encounters with nature. Through Sylvia’s insightful prose and stunning visuals, you will delve into the essence of each pentad, revealing the intricate connections between flora, fauna, and the changing seasons. 

About Sylvia:
 Sylvia Holland, a unique individual with a diverse tapestry of experiences, has dedicated her life to collaborative design processes. From her beginnings as a textile artist to her current roles as a facilitator of large system changes and a teacher in community engagement, Sylvia’s journey is a testament to her passion for positive transformation. Her formal education in sociology, adult learning, community planning, landscape architecture, and urban design has fueled her exploration of resilience and regeneration, making her a true expert in her field.

Now retired as a facilitator, Sylvia channels her creativity into writing and the interweaving of text with photographic images, crafting visual essays that inspire and enlighten. Sylvia is a volunteer moderator within the Deep Transformation Network and a supporter of Programs in Earth Literacies. She is dedicated to fostering hub resilience in her local community, where strangers become allies in times of crisis.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Michele Guieu will host this event on the Deep Transformation Network. If you have any questions, please send a message to 
Thank you ~

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