Who is the MAHB?

Who is the MAHB?

The MAHB is a global network of groups and individuals who are committed to the mission of the MAHB and want to initiate concrete actions. The MAHB relies on the leadership of a small Coordinating Committee and the expertise of its network of public intellectuals, thought leaders, scholars, activists, and individuals actively engaged in shifting the trajectory currently heading towards collapse.

Working across disciplines, these individuals foster foresight intelligence to help solve interconnected global problems of over population, growth based economic systems, over consumption by the wealthy, inequity and environmental degradation of all kinds. This includes  vulnerability to pandemics, other pressures degrading the biosphere upon which we all depend and reinforcing destructive outdated economic systems and behavioral norms.

Members of the MAHB Coordinating Committee bring their expertise and experience to actively help build the MAHB.

  • Paul Ehrlich: President, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere; Bing Professor of Population Studies and President, Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University
  • Erik Assadourian: Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute; Director of Transforming Cultures Project and Co-Director of State of the World 2017, 2013, and 2012
  • Ilan Kelman: Reader in Risk, Resilience and Global Health, Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction and Institute for Global Health, University College London; Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
  • Joan Diamond, ex-officio, Secratariat: Executive Director, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere

The Secretariat is responsible for building the necessary global infrastructure and supporting nodal development.


  • Joan Diamond: Executive Director
  • Brittany Ganguly: Communications Director
  • Erika Gavenus: Senior Associate