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Summary of Part II of the Silver Gun Hypothesis: The Entropy of Carbon

Introduction Part I – Carbon is King Summary of Part II — The Entropy of Carbon Welcome to this summary of Part II of the Silver Gun Hypothesis. In Part I we considered that all life is carbon-based, and that living organisms dissipate energy for homeostasis. These ideas were highlighted to prepare us for Part II, […]

The Silver Gun Hypothesis- Part II The Entropy of Carbon

The Silver Gun Hypothesis is an untested theory that multi­cellular organisms, human beings, and economies all have characteristic thermodynamic properties that emerge probabilistically and may be termed ‘skills’. According to the hypothesis, these skills are inherent to natural multi-agent systems, and certain of these skills create ‘agency’ to influence the Earth’s carbon balance. The hypothesis […]

The Silver Gun Hypothesis- Introduction to Part II

As a part of his 5 part series, The Silver Gun Hypothesis, Dr. Delton B. Chen offers his introduction to Part II- The Entropy of Carbon to the MAHB Community. The hypothesis examines living systems in terms of their agency to influence the Earth’s carbon cycle. This agency is described in terms of ‘thermodynamic skills’ and […]

The Silver Gun Hypothesis: Book Launch at COP24

The IPCC (2018) special report on 1.5°C of global warming estimates that to stay below 1.5°C, manmade CO₂ emissions will need to decline by 45% by 2030 (compared to 2010), and will need to decline to zero by 2050. This extremely demanding goal has a low probability of being achieved, and would likely require industrial-scale […]

The Silver Gun Hypothesis: New Model for a Sustainable Carbon Economy

Introduction Many people are hoping that civilization will undergo an economic transformation for the objective of becoming ‘sustainable’ over the long run. It seems reasonable to assume that a transformational change—if it does occur—will be accompanied by a paradigm shift in economic philosophy. A paradigm shift seems reasonable in the face of the environmental and […]

Utility of the Blockchain for Climate Mitigation

Delton Chen explores the use of the blockchain as a tool for establishing consensus within society over information and value, and for improving accountability and transparency of carbon and energy markets. While Chen finds some promising application for the blockchain, he does not believe it will be enough to realize the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement’s […]